Mobile Marketing Agency Selection Tips

Most business don’t have the time or knowledge to develop and conduct a mobile marketing campaign by themselves. In order for the campaign to achieve the desired effect, reaching the target audience is not enough. The customers need to feel that they are getting valuable information and they need to be motivated to take action. This requires the choice of the right words and perhaps audio-video material, the right timing, etc.. As a result, most businesses leave the organisation and implementation of their mobile marketing to the professionals – mobile marketing agencies.

Marketing Tools and Techniques

As their name suggests, mobile marketing agencies are focused on mobile marketing. But besides using mobile phones as a medium to communicate with the target audience, mobile marketing agencies have little in common. Each agency has its own approach to marketing and uses a unique set of tools and techniques to reach the target audience and encourage the consumers into action. It is therefore of utmost importance to ask the agency what tools and techniques they will use to make your marketing campaign a success. Ideally, look for an agency that demonstrates knowledge in both the technology and marketing as such.


Most marketing agencies hire professionals themselves in order to help them sell their services. As a result, they all seem to offer a good value for your money. In order to make sure that you are not wasting your money on a mobile marketing campaign that can possibly do even more harm than good (you don’t want to have your potential buyers annoyed), you are recommended to choose an agency that has experience and consistently brings results. How do you know that? Look for information about the agency’s foundation date. If it is on the market for a number of years, it is more likely to deliver a good service because those that fail to live up to their promises go out of business very soon. Also, look for references in the form of satisfied clients whom you can contact to verify their statements.

Personalised Approach

Every business is unique and the same marketing strategies don’t work for all. For example, a company that is selling luxury furniture has a completely different clientèle than a manufacturer of anti-acne products. In order for your mobile marketing campaign to succeed and deliver measurable results, the agency should therefore use a personalised approach when developing your marketing campaign. So if you are asked a lot of questions about your company, goals, customers, etc., think of it as a good sign because it means that the agency probably doesn’t use one-for-all platform.


Mobile marketing is very inexpensive in comparison to other types of marketing. But you are highly recommended to be realistic about the price and resist the temptation to choose an agency with extremely low prices. Why? Because they depend on quantity to stay in business and quantity almost always translates into lower quality service.