How Effective is Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a very effective way to promote your products or service, raise brand awareness, enhance loyalty of your customers and of course increase the sales. Just about everyone have a mobile phone but what is even more important is that over 90 percent of people tend to carry their mobiles no matter where they go or what they are doing and check their mobiles as soon as they hear a sound for a call or message. As a result, mobile marketing allows you to reach your audience virtually immediately.

Response to Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Mobile phones are very personal communication devices and their owners don’t easily give away they numbers. When they do so, especially to a business, they expect to receive valuable information. Your customers will without a doubt appreciate if you inform them about special deals, discounts, sales, promotions, etc. Not only it helps them save money but it also makes them feel special and valued by your company, especially if they also receive a thank you message for buying from your company. But this is the theory. In reality, the response to mobile marketing campaigns depends greatly on the words you choose to communicate with your target audience, the timing, colours, format, etc..

Less is More

When people give you their mobile phone number, they don’t want you to send them SMSes or MMSes in the middle of the night nor they want get messages from you every day. On the contrary, too much messages can become annoying. In this case, your customers may start to ignore them or even ask you to stop sending them messages. In mobile marketing, less is actually more.

Encouraging Action

Mobile marketing isn’t only about reaching the target audience but to encourage them to action as well. And by action, we are of course talking about visiting your online or offline business and making a purchase. And this is the most difficult aspect of every type of marketing because you first need to attract attention, then “activate” the desire to learn more and then persuade the consumers that you are offering the best value for their money.

To be able to attract attention and encourage the target audience into action, you need to communicate information by using the right words. Your message needs to be short, clear and attractive to arise both the interest and desire but it also must be communicated at the right time. The consumers should be given enough time to respond but they mustn’t be given too much time because they may forget all about your promotion for instance if you notify them about it one month in advance.

Mobile Marketing Agency isn’t a Guarantee for Success

Since mobile marketing involves much more than just sending lots of SMSes for instance to as many people as possible, most businesses prefer to leave it over to a mobile marketing agency. After all, they are the professionals and know how to do it properly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and the success rates vary greatly from one agency to another. To make the most out of your mobile marketing campaign and get a good value for your money, please read our article “Tips on the Selection of a Mobile Marketing Agency”.